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Golf Tip Video PGA Qualified Golf Teaching Professional Transcript

So aiming the club is a massively integral part of making sure that your golf ball goes straight. It stands to reason that whatever mistakes I make here if the club face is open or closed is going to be exacerbated when I've actually hit the shot. So I've got to get this exactly where I need it to be setup.

Now a good little tip if you could do this when you're practicing, well maybe out on the golf course, certainly on your tee shots and if you're playing winter rules or pick and place because it's wet, you might be able to get a line on the ball or maybe even the maker's name and you can point that so it points down your target line where you want the golf ball to go, then you can slide the golf club in at the back and just make sure it's perfectly perpendicular 90 degrees to the ball line, the target line there.

So I'll get my club in the back of the golf ball and nicely pointing in the right direction. The quiet lift of the golf club up just checks that the leading edge of the golf club is pointing into the right direction and then drop back down again, so I'm pointing exactly square. If it was open or closed, I would notice that here, that it's dead square, now I should be able to practice bringing that golf club back down exactly square to the back of the golf ball as well.

If you look at the Thomas Golf Products, you'll notice that they've got lines on the back of the clubs, a really nice little innovation there. That actually allows you to line up perfectly. Manufacturers have been doing that for years with putters, making a putter point perfect at the target line, but no one's ever really thought about doing that with the irons, the woods and the hybrid clubs. But Thomas Golf Products lines up really nicely to your target line and it just takes all the guess work completely out of the equation.

So have a look at those clubs, have a look at the way you set up the golf ball and try and make sure that you improve your alignments as well.