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Players looking to invest a little bit of time in learning the swinging the handle technique should know about the benefits that it will bring. Now coaches who teach this philosophy will tell you time and time again that the benefits of this technique takes control away from the club head and puts it back in the player’s hands. Now as you look at this from the outset, obviously the hands and where they’re placed on the grip will control club head. But what the coaches says if you are focused on club head then grip will tighten and the whole technique becomes a lot more complex.

By taking the focus away from the club head and what the club face is doing and by using the bigger muscles within the hands and within the forearm, especially it becomes much, much easier to control the motion. One thing with swinging the handle instructors will tell people is to imagine a two-handed tennis forearm stroke. So imagine the two handles on the tennis racket moving that tennis racket back and then moving it through. And you can see a lot of the rotations which you need within the golf swing are present within this technique.

Now using this technique and then simply adding in posture to the equation, way you’re tilted over the ball allows a nice free flowing swing whilst taking focus away from what is happening with the club head and with the club face. So what the swinging the handle technique does it simplifies a lot of the movements within the swing. Now for some people this will be the great benefit, especially those who may become a little bit too much wrapped up within the whole technique of the swing and these are really simplified and strip their swing right back down. It’s also a very good technique which you can use on course because it doesn’t require masses of technical instruction. It does require a little bit of a practice though. It’s not just simply take it out and prove. So if you want to find out more please keep watching. We’ll talk about how we can initiate the swinging the handle technique.