Video Series

Video Transcript

When you watch some of the very world’s best place hitting chip shots, something that you see consistently is the fact that the hands and the handle will lead the club head coming into the point of impact. Now, this is a key fundamental to grasp if you want to hit consistent chip shots. As the handle leads the hand – as the hands lead the handle and leads the club head, it will start to encourage a descending angle of attack through the point of impact. A descending angle of attack through the point of impact normally means that the club will hit the ball first before glinting into the turf. Once that occurs, the clean strike that you want when hitting successful chip shots will become easy to achieve consistently.

And this is what this drill, this is what this technique, this is what this video series is all about, trying to improve the amount of consistency that you have within the short game. By using the hands to head technique, it should enable you to build a solid short game around the single technique. It is very, very simple to understand. This is very, very simple to implement and it is something which you can take from the practice green on to the course very easily as well. So, that is why we will have a look at how you can achieve this technique and what you should be expecting to see once its get out on to the golf course.