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Video Transcript

Where should I aim the golf club face when I’m playing a high bunker shot escape? Well the main thing here to play a high a shot is we need to open the club face. So in order to do that, we need to look at the golf club; we would normally set the club face so the ball comes off the club at a right angle. But if we’re looking for more height we need to open that club face up; and that simply means if you look at the handle of your golf club, you’ll notice that you’ve got a grip aid on the front. It could be the name of the grip, all the little notch below that or you may have some V shapes on the front of the handle. What you want to do to open the club face up is rotate the handle to the right, and then put your hands back on.

Now if you do this, you can see that the loft of the club, if that’s set normally to the target line if we open the club face up and rotate the handle to the right, that we increase the loft on the golf club and that’s going to help us get a much higher golf shot out of the bunker. So, make sure you do this outside the bunker because remember you can’t allow the club head to strike the sand before you hit the golf shot. So rotate the club face to the right and now put your hands on. The issue we’ve got with that though is as we rotate the handle to the right and open the club face, the club face is now aiming to the right. So, if I use the yellow alignment pole to represent the line we want to hit the ball down, and I open the club face by rotating it to the right, the club face is now actually going to hit the ball down the red alignment pole because it’s now aiming over to the right. And what’s important now is once you’ve opened the club face up, you now reposition the club face so its aiming back at the target and aiming back down the yellow pole.

So to do this just rotate your body round to the left until you’re making a right angle again with the yellow pole or with the target line and the groove’s on the club face, and now you’ve got the golf club aimed back at the target, that will get you hitting really high golf shots, that are very accurate, at the flag.