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Video Transcript

How do you aim your body, ready to hit straight golf shots? Well what you’ve got to do is set your body into a position where we’re going to be able to allow the club head, to swing directly along that target line. If the club had swings along the target line a straight line, with the club face pointing down the target line, you’ll hit a straight golf shot. The easiest way for us to be able to swing that club head along the target line, as you are hitting the ball, is to set your body parallel to that target line. So, if I just put an alignment pole through my belt hook to show my hip position. I want to set up in a way so that as I set the club face down the target line, my feet are directly line with the groves on the club face. And then I can split my stance, and I’m standing parallel to the target line. And you can see that that then sets my toes, my knees, my hips, and my shoulders, parallel to the target line. That’s going to make it much easier for me to swing the club head away down the target line, and then as I swing back in, I’m going to be swinging down the target line, and as I said, with the club face aiming down the target line, you’ll hit a straight shot.

If however you set your feet more to the right, so that your feet, your knees, your hips and your shoulders, are now aiming to the right of the target. You’ll tend to swing the club back on the inside of that target line arching away from it rather than moving straight down it. So now as you swing back in, you’ll be approaching the target line too much on the inside, and you’ll swing across the target line, and either hit the ball out to the right, and it will stay right, or if the club face is aiming at the target, you’ll hit a hook and it will move right to left. If you set the other way, so your toes, your hips, your knees, your shoulders, are now aiming left of the target, you’ll take the club head on the outside of that target line, and then you’ll swing it across the target line. Now you’ll hit the ball left or if the club face is aiming at the target you’ll impart left to right, spin on the ball, and the ball will swing left to right hitting a slice.

So work on making sure, that you set up so that you’re parallel to the target line. One way I’d work on doing this on the range, is set yourself up, then just place your club across your toes, and then stand back and have a look if you’re actually aiming parallel to where you want the ball to go. So your body should always aim left, but it should aim parallel left, because it’s the ball we want to fly at the target, not you aiming at the target. So if you work on that on the range, the next time you’re there, check that you’re aiming parallel and left of the target but parallel to the target line. You should find that you’re hitting much straighter golf shots.