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Deeply and focusing on the golf club head. One area which people overlook when talking about feeling on the club head is how their body feels and how their breathing is responding to a certain situation. The remaining golfers who stand on the first tee of a medal or during a competition round who simply cannot relax, who feel tense and when they are focusing also in areas their body especially their grip, they soon find that they are having a wide knuckle ride that they are gripping on as tightly as possible.

Now this is obviously not conducive to feeling the club head and it is not conducive to hitting successful golf shots but a lot of people overlook the fact that breathing and controlling breathing can help relax certain areas of the body. As a very, very quick test and as a quick example of this, is if you take a grip and take your posture and just hover the club just a little bit above the ball, now using a scale so from 1 to 10, 10 being the tightest, 1 being the lightest, if you start of with a 10 grip pressure, so you’re really squeezing down on the grip, now what I want you to do is breathe deeply in through the mouth, in through the mouth, feel the belly expand, not the chest, feel the belly expand so it’s a deeper breath and as you breath out trying to your grip pressure all the way from 10 all the way down to as low as you can, so close to 1 in grip pressure as you gag up.

So it’s getting that grip, just hovering above, that nice deep breath, filling of the belly and then as you come down relax down and just try and get that grip pressure down to about 1.

Now this is a great technique to use if you’re feeling particularly tense on a tee but it’s also a great technique to use if you want to soften down the grip and really feel where the club head is. By using breathing you can affect different areas of the body and you can certainly make the grip and feel that club head much, much more.