Similar to the previous video where we looked using the alignment line on the top of the Thomas Golf Hybrid golf club to check your position and your back swing, there is also a check that you can carry out to check your follow through position. So hip height, we're going to take the golf club through to hit level. So I swing through about hip level when the shaft is horizontal to the ground. And then again check where the alignment line on top of the golf club is pointing. Now in an ideal world if you're trying to hit the golf ball straight and square, it should be horizontal on your backswing I've discussed on the previous video and through. And again horizontal here in the follow through movement, that would tell me that you've rotated your hands and forearms correctly at the right sort of speed to produce a square golf club.

And again we can utilize this if you're having trouble hitting the ball or missed hitting the ball one particular direction. Let's suggest for example that you're leaving the clubface too far open aiming right for a right-handed golfer, and the ball is cutting away to the right-hand side of the fairway. If you're concentrating on closing the clubface down and rolling the hands over more through the hitting area, you would start to see the toe end kick over and alignment line facing down slightly. And you'd like to work on that movement to stop the clubface being too open, likewise if you're fault is actually hooking the golf ball too much, you could keep the clubface more open, try and have the alignment line facing more up to the sky, that would tell me that your hands are slowing down through the hitting area not rotating too quickly and actually hitting the ball a little bit high with the more open clubface.

So just feel have it watching the alignment line at hit level on the way back and hit level on the way through can control how you can manage your clubface through the impact area. If you want to start hitting a few shots to see how manipulating your hand action can improve things, I would encourage you to start the ball up on a small tee peg, a nice set up, and just a little gentle back and through rocking action. And if I have the clubface pointing down to the floor here and turn over with my alignment line pointing down to the floor here, I should expect the ball to go down the left-hand side. So a little backswing, point the club down, point the club down as well here, you could see the clubfaces come down over and the ball is drifted to the left-hand side of the fairway.

And the opposite now, focus on keeping the clubface a little more open. The alignment line tilting upwards and again coming through not releasing the clubface, the alignment line tilting upwards as well, and the ball should cut out to the right-hand side of the fairway. And I haven't release the golf club here, the alignment line points upwards, and again the ball goes through the right. Now, little practice exercises of controlling the clubface back and controlling the clubface through will give you a really good idea of how you can concentrate on working your hands to keep the golf ball in play. And if you have a bad shot, controlling your hands will correct that bad shot to a certain degree.

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