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Video Transcript

Here’s a fantastic exercise to help with two parts of your swing. First part is going to be the visualization of the shot before you actually make your swing. And the second part is going to be an accurate release of your hands and arms through and down the target line. So the way I’ve set this up here I’ve set myself with a little gateway I’ve placed my two tour sticks in the ground about 10 feet in front of where my golf ball would be and quite close together.

Now, the distance and the width of these sticks can depend on your ability but I was going for about 18 inches apart which you want to bring the golf ball back through around about 10 feet back away roughly marks out the width of the green that I’m aiming for. So now I set up to the golf ball I stand behind, I pick my ball pick my target and I’m going to go straight through my gateway. Then as I line up to the back of the golf ball I can visualize how I want to dispatch the ball straight through those two sticks and straight into my target area.

The other thing it can help me with as well as it helps me just get the feeling and encouragement to extend my arms down through the gateway and not to pull the club too violently left or too far out to the right so I can set myself up, look through my gateway and then drive the ball straight down through that target line it really helps with good extension of the club through the ball. So two areas here that helps with my visualization, my pre shot routine from behind the ball and then it helps with my extension of my hands and arms down the target line. As you get more confident you can start to bring those sticks a little bit closer together and try and get more accuracy through that narrower gap.