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If you’ve picked up a golf magazine recently, you’ve looked through the pages there and it’s crammed with adverts and infomercials all about the different types and products and golf clubs that you can buy. Well let me tell you that if you hit any of those golf clubs out of the middle, the results will be fairly consistent and fairly similar. Golf clubs don’t differ that much when you hit them in the middle. The different benefits come when you don’t hit the center. When you hit the area outside of the sweet spots, and let’s be honest we hit of the area outside the sweet spot quite often particularly on the golf course when you’ve got different lies and different slopes. It would be lovely to think that we hit that little dime area in the middle of your single time, but that isn’t quite the reality, we often hit the area outside. So it’s better that we buy a set of golf clubs or treat ourselves to a set of golf clubs that are consistent across the whole face.

Now I’ve got my Thomas golf five hybrid here, and when I set up behind the golf ball, it’s got a nice big club head, out of the middle it feels brilliant, but I’ll be honest with you so does my normal traditional five iron. But this club works really nicely if you don’t hit the center, so if I hit a little bit on the toe or a little bit on the heel, I still get some really nice feelings, some really nice results. Because it’s got a very light graphite shaft in it and the weight of the golf club is low down and deep underneath the head, I find that even on off center hit, the weight pushes the club into the air, launches the ball really nice and high. It might lose five or 10 yards of distance on an off center hit but at least it’s still out there and down and maybe on the front edge of the green. ‘Cause if you had a golf club that doesn’t the same characteristics or properties it can vibrate the hands a little bit more, it can give you that awkward feeling through the impact area and give you a ball fly that’s quite weak and doesn’t really get out there and penetrate.

So when you’re playing golf, if you’re hitting your long irons well, stick with long irons. But if you’re hitting your long irons and you’re not getting a lot of love back from the golf club, and it’s not feeling great and it’s not flying great you should consider looking at a set of hybrids and taking your hybrids for all of the irons that you don’t feel comfortable with. So most people now three, four irons are being replaced by three and four hybrids. Some people now five, six, seven, eight even all of the irons replaced by hybrid clubs just because of the forgiving properties. So as I set up to this one I know that anywhere of that face is going to feel good.