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I bet we all know the type of golfer that changes his equipment more times, than everyone else changes their underpants. He is forever going into the shop and buying the latest greatest $300 driver. And, a couple of months later trades it back in for another one. And I think sometimes those people are just searching for the elusive cure that is going to help them improve. And as a golf instructor I am often, saying well actually you are better off spending the money on yourself to improving your own game. But if you have bought a new driver and you have not settled well with it, and it doesn’t feel brilliant in your hands and you are kind of toying with the idea of maybe you have bought the wrong one you want to trade it back in. But you want to give this one a fair crack, you want to give this one a couple of more rounds before you make a knee jerk reaction and change to another driver.

But when you change to another driver you would like to be able to trade this one in. You know you have just spent $300 on this driver; you want to be able to trade it in for some value to put against your next driver. There is a couple of areas of wear and tear on a golf club that are notorious for reducing the cost and the value when you trade a driver in and the areas that you do not really have a great deal of control over whether they get worn out or not. And what I have done here is just used two pieces of a $1 roll of tape to protect my £300 investment in my new driver. I have placed a little bit of tape across the crown of my golf club and again like I said this is notoriously difficult to protect. You make one bad swing, one two tee, a tee that is too high one bad swing underneath it pops off the top , shoots up the air you look down at your golf club you have taken the paint off it and that is $50 off the value of that golf club straight away when you trade it in.

Because the shop knows that the person that’s buying it next does not want to see that dirty great line right at the top of that golf club where you have skied it. So a little bit of tape across the top edge will save your club, and again it is dead simple, you take it off when you want to trade it back in and the golf club looks like new. The other area where you might be able to put some tape is here because there as this golf ball sits in the bag this is what we call bag rash. It bounces around on the bag as it goes around in the cart or even against the other club heads, all hitting around the top of the shaft here. And unless this is well protected by a head cover the scratches and the marks here. These will be the marks that the guy in the pro-shop will be looking for to say well you know it is quite an old golf club this one sir. This has been well used, it’s been around the bag a few times and it has actually got some bag rash on here.

So again, another little piece of tape across there when you take that off and you take it back into the pro-shop to trade it in. Well its looks like new that one sir that has barely been hit. We will certainly be able to give you a good price for your golf club there, trade it in, and get your new one without too much money to exchange. So, If you’ve got a new driver but you are not sure whether you are going to keep it, but you would like to play with it to take it on the course to give it a fair trial, little piece of tape over the top, little piece of tape down the shaft . It will not look particularly nice when you are playing with it. The aesthetics are not great but if you want to trade that club back in protecting those two key areas will definitely give you a higher value when you trade it in..