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Video Transcript

Playing a round of golf can be quite a physical activity, also quite a mentally draining activity. Often, you’ll be out in the golf course for 4 hours plus. If you’re walking around the golf course, it could be a 5-mile walk, sometimes in the heat, sometimes in the freezing cold weather. So, it’s quite a mental and physically-draining activity. You got to make sure that fatigue doesn’t play a part in the back-nine collapse of your school card. So, a couple of key things here.

Physically, within your swing, we want to see that you’re still driving your legs nice and aggressively towards the golf ball and keeping the same rhythm in your swing that you had at the start. For a lot of golfers, we see that during the backend of the round, the swing starts to slow down and they don’t start to drive their legs as aggressively. Meaning, that you’re leaning back, you’re losing distance, you’re heading fat shots. So, particularly, the backend of the round, a couple of practice swing before each shot with your very aggressively turn through, exactly like you would have done the first tee.

The other thing is the mentally draining factor. If you’re getting wound up or you’re getting depressed by the backend of the round of golf, you can really start to let that affect how you’re playing. So, one thing I would consider doing is make sure you’re relaxing between shots right away throughout the round. Don’t be trying to concentrate on the same thing for 4 or 5 hours. It’s impossible to do that with anything particularly with golf. So, relax between shots, chat to your playing partners, smell the roses, enjoy the sunshine. Save your mental focus for just before your shot and just during your shot, so that even at the backend of the round of golf, you’re still mentally sharp. You can still process the right decisions. You’re not getting too lazy. You’re not getting too tired.

Relax between shots. Stay mentally sharp, mentally focused when you’re hitting the shots and stay physically focused as well, and hopefully, that will mean that the fatigue doesn’t get the better of you at the backend of a long round of golf.