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Video Transcript

When you are on the golf course, there could be lots of different distractions for you. It might be chatting to your playing partners, it might be looking at the view, you might be focused too much on the game, but you can get distracted away from your technique. Now, for a lot of golfers they say, “I really struggle to concentrate, I’m trying to concentrate for four hours or five hours on a long day. I’m trying to concentrate that length of time when I’m playing golf.” And that’s almost impossible to do, as humans we struggle to concentrate on anything for four or five hours. So when we are out on the golf course how can we do something that sort of relaxes us a little bit and then snaps us back into focus. And I actually think a good pre-shot routine can help you focus at the right times.

So when you are playing golf you might be out there for five hours, you are wandering around a great big field with your mates, having a chat looking at the scenery and then you’ve got to focus on the golf shot. So this pre-shot routine of standing behind the ball, looking at your intended target, stepping into the side, having a couple of practice swings, this is what we use to now focus on golf. And during that entire pre-shot routine 10, 15 seconds of time you think of nothing other than the golf, you don’t think about the conversation you’ve just finished with your mates, you don’t think about the view around the hole. You think solely about the shot you are going to execute.

So you have chosen the right club, you’ve got the right yardage, you’ve picked the right target then you go and hit the golf ball. And that pre-shot will also encourage you to get the right distance away from the golf ball, get the alignment right, get everything set up as you want to hit that shot. So use your pre-shot routine to snap you back into focus, so you are not distracted by everything else, but also you are not trying to concentrate on golf for five hours, use the pre-shot routine that will snap you back into focus to hit better golf shots.