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Video Transcript

So how can you stop getting tired late in around the golf? There are quite a few things you can actually do to actually help. You know you think about it you’re in that golf course three, four hours walking three, four or five miles up and down the hills stopping waiting for the group in front, all these things are actually taking more time, taking more energy out. So what we need to do in simple terms we need to fuel up. There are a few things. Remember you’re getting late and tired in the round of golf. So what I would say is first of all let’s think about before play. Maybe as an idea to have something which is going to give you a bit of, a nice slow release of energy maybe sort of having some chicken, some pasta, some rice. Fuel up two or three hours before hand and by the time you get to that first tee you’re just starting to use that fuel.

What sort of fuel should we take on the golf course? Well water is the most obvious one, a great product. You can take on the sports drinks which kind of rehydrate your body and put minerals back in that you were burning up and using. Food wise, always good to take a banana. A banana is a great food on the golf course, refueling you’ve got magnesium, you’ve got potassium slow release of energy. It really is something that most golf pros you’ll munching on their way around, not a chocolate bar. And then from that you can take food that refuels and gives you a slow release – nuts are a good one, crackers, anything that’s not sugary, maybe serial bars. Anything like that and the idea is to remember fuel before you start, don’t arrive at the golf course not having had something to eat inside. Because straight away your sugar levels are low and you’re going to get tired much quicker.

I would also say go a step further and make sure that you are refueling every two to three holes. A little bit of a sip of water, taking a few nuts, maybe munching on that banana and keep; refueling. And believe me by the time you come round to those last five or six holes when people are tiring you should actually have a little bit more strength there, a little bit more enthusiasm – less tiredness. Obviously at the end of the day if you can carry – if you carry a golf bag that’s going to take more energy, if you’re going to pull a trolley more energy, if you’re on a golf buggy well you’re not going to use as much energy. But think about it, refuel before you go out, refuel during the course of a round and from that you should find yourself not as tired at the end and remember tiredness causes a bad swing, bad golf shots and bad scores, re-fuel.