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Video Transcript

So if we’re now set on improving the push slice golf shot and we’ve understood why the ball is push slicing, how we can start to correct it, we’ve now going to try and put all of that together with a few little drills and exercises to help you. Now here the first thing I’d like to see you do here is just get onto the driving range, maybe 15 balls and hit them in groups of five, the first five shots we’re going to block, the second five shots we’re going to try and hook, and the next five shots we’re going to try and hit straight or maybe with a little baby drill. Now the block shots we’re going to do first, the block is going to be a shot that goes out to the right hand side, it goes out kind of in a straight line to the right, so hopefully it won’t slice off too much more, it’s just going to go straight right, now the danger with this is actually it looks like you’ve got worse before you’ve got better. You know you’ll try and hit the ball straight ultimately and I’m encouraging you to hit it even further right and that can be quite risky. Mentally it can be quite disturbing, we’re going to take the club back on a straight line, we’re really going to work hard dropping the golf club in behind us, and attacking the golf ball from the inside, we’re really going to try and get that swing path travelling quite a long way to the right, 10 degrees to the right would be quite nice there, try and swing out down that right hand side as much as you can. Now if you’re face is square to that swing path the ball will go pretty straight right, if you’re face is open to that swing path it will slice even more and you will think that I’m making you worse, but please bear with me, trust me swing on the inside, hit it down on to the right hand side.

That’s five shots as far right as you can get. Then in the next five shots we’re going to work on that club face angle, that club face position, we’re going to work on trying to square the face up through impact or even actually let the club face roll over a bit more down the left hand side, so we talked about turning the body nicely, turning the hands nicely to make sure that face isn’t open to swing path but its actually closing in relation to swing path. And to do that and to do that aggressively, try and hook the ball, so setting up nice and straight, nice and square, bringing the club down from the inside and then let the hands work over as fast as you can trying to hook the ball away to the left, remember if the swing path is to the right more, and the club face is to the left more the ball will curve from right to left. Then in the last five shots, we just want to strike a nice balance, so we’re going to do both of those motions, but not necessarily quite as aggressively, we don’t want to see the ball go way out and then hook back in, we want to see the ball flight quite straight or a little baby draw, a little five yard right to left draw action. So keeping the club swinging to the right and keeping the hands rotating over with the body turning but not quite so aggressively, but learn the exaggeration first, learn the big block out, learn the big hook back to the left and then learn just to shape the ball with a nice little five yard drill from right to left and that should help you eradicate your push sliced golf shots.