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So now it’s about time we set about trying to fix this push slice one step at a time, the first element we’re going to try and fix is the push side of things. So push is a golf ball that starts too far down the right hand side of the fairway, so if we’re pushing the golf ball and it’s starting too far right chances are the club face is actually in the wrong position through the impact zone. So as the club comes towards impact the face on this occasion is a right handed golfer the face is going to be too far to the right. Now there’s two reasons why the club face could be too far to the right, and they’re both involving the rotation of the club face and the rotation of the body. During the swing as we’re coming down towards impact here the club face will be pointing to the right of target. But then as we get down to the impact phase that club face should be turning, but sometimes it needs a little bit of help to turn, we need to move the body in the right way to square that face up and to turn it. So first thing we’re going to look at here is the hand and arm action and rotation. Through the hitting phase the club face will be open at this point, it should be square through here and it should rotate to a nice position through here having the toe up to the sky, from the tow up to the sky position, so it’s toe up, toe forwards and toe up, toe of the golf club being here.

If you found that the toe was up here, open slightly here and then haven’t fully rotated here you can see how my hands and arms actually put the golf club in a different position there. And this is a bit of a fault for a lot of golfers, is they hit through they don’t release the golf club correctly in a natural fashion of letting the hands and arms work around on the way through a big finish. They kind of hang on to the shaft trying to almost steer the ball down the middle, and that creates that open club face and that little blocking pushing action. And the other area that we could look at in terms of letting everything rotate, is allowing the body to rotate. It’s quite important that we let the body rotate and turn through to a finish rather than standing off and holding back on it, if the body and the shoulders and the hips don’t rotate there’s a chance that club face will just stay in an open position, so open through here doesn’t fully release and finish and that’s because the body is not quite doing its work as well. So work hard on rotating the body, specifically you could think about maybe the belt buckle, rotate the belt buckle around through impact would be quite good, allow the hands to naturally release and rotate the golf club over. And if you can square that club face better at impact and avoid having an open position that should improve your almost push slice to the right golf shots.