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Video Transcript

It’s really quite important during your golf swing that you understand the bit that going to do the hitting part, and actually the club head. So the club head is going to do the hitting so it doesn’t matter what you’re doing with your body, if that club head is not in the right position then you can’t control that club head you could really struggle to hit consistent golf shots. So it’s important we can feel this and that often relates down to what the hands are doing and particularly your grip pressure. So just as an experiment here let’s go ahead and see if we can feel the club head and feel the right pressure and tension in the hands. You start by holding the golf club perfectly straight up right, you shouldn’t really feel the club head itself, you’d feel a shaft pulling down but the club head doesn’t want to go anywhere. So it doesn’t really feel that heavy and you can go with a light grip pressure.

As I bring the club head down and it sits out infront of me, suddenly I feel it now it’s a lot heavier it’s trying to pull down pulling my wrist forward and I need tighter grip pressure to keep it there. Then next it will be to put it between those two points of 45 degrees and just wiggle it around there and just feel the grip pressure that you need to get the club in a good position there and feel it not too tight in your hands. Then we recreate that position down here with similar grip pressure intention and then throughout the swing I can keep the club on a nice arc and I can’t feel the club head. At the top of your swing when you change direction you might feel you need more grip pressure as the club has momentum going back in the transition you pull down, you might need to grip hold of the club a little bit tighter. And through the impact face likewise as the club tries to twist as it takes a divot particularly if you’re playing out of a long wet thick grass, you might try and twist the golf club. But the key is not to grip it too tightly so up in the air I don’t feel it at all, down here it feels a little heavier, up here that’s the right grip pressure now go ahead and make a smooth swing.