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Now a chili dip golf shot, the chili dip sounds quite attractive and it’s quite nice but in golf we don’t want it, we don’t want the chili dip. A chili dip golf shot refers to a golf shot that is hit heavy where we dunged, the club into the ground and it scoops up the turf before it gets to the ball hence the kind of chili dip action. I think that’s why it’s called a chili dip, that’s what I’m going with anyway. So a chili dip golf shot is something we don’t want, heavy golf shots not good for chipping, and here is how to avoid it. The chili dip is often caused by too much body weight on the back foot and importantly a decelerating action. So a decelerating action when you’re chipping is not good but it happens a lot for golfers and it happens because they do too much of this, they swing back too far. So if you’re swinging back too far you’re going to hit the golf ball too far but you don’t want to do that so then you decelerate with the golf club to only hit the ball the required distance. So we end up looking like this we have this big back swing and this little follow through to only goes a short distance. And that really shouldn’t work as a golfer and most people it doesn’t work.

So what we want to try and do is to make sure that our backswing and our follow through is going to be the same distance or the same length. Now probably one of the best ways you can do this is consider that your golf swing is on a clock face. So the clock face starts down here at six, and then we’ve got seven, eight, nine o’clock horizontal and then on this side we’ve got five, four, three as horizontal. So if you’re telling yourself I only need a sure shot here pick what time you would like your backswing to be. Mirror and match that with your follow through swing position and that should give you the appropriate distance. And it should also encourage you to accelerate so if I think I’ve got a sure shot here I might just swing back eight to four and make sure that they match each other, if I want nine, five I’ve decelerate it. Now if you’re serious decelerator and you just can’t accelerate enough through the golf ball actually change that around and think about swinging an hour further in your follow through than your backswing. It might not actually happen but it’s the full process that would help you, so think about being an eight o’clock to three o’clock chipper or even a two o’clock chipper, that was seriously accelerating through the ball. So make sure that you’re not long to short but actually your short to long, use the clock face idea to encourage yourself to accelerate and avoid the chili dip chip shots.