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How can you avoid blow up holes on the golf course? Well I think the first thing we’ve got to understand to answer this question properly is a bad shot does not equate a blow up hole, a blow up hole is something completely different through a bad golf shot. We will all hit bad golf shots, you, your playing partners, the guys on TV everyone hits bad golf shots, but the difference is some people don’t turn a bad golf shot into a blow up hole and this is what we’ve got to work on. So when you hit a bad golf shot you should first initially understand what you did wrong, so you should think well did I lift up on top it, did I open the face and sliced it out of bounce whatever it might be. Then you can work on correcting that for your next shot, but as soon as you have understood that was my fault that was my correction, I then move on from the bad shot. And I try to make and make sure that one bad shot only costs me one or maximum two. So if I have to take a penalty shot, I take my penalty shot I get on with the rest of the hole I don’t dwell on the feet – the previous shot.

If I have hooked it into the trees, I get into the trees I realize I have hit a bad shot, I try and get the ball out and back into play as quickly as possible to make sure that my one bad shot only cost me one, back on the fairway play it down make bogey, make a double if your handicap allows you to. Get away from that bad shot, but make sure it wasn’t a blow up hole. So blow up holes are often golfers who hit one bad shot and they compound it, they try and rescue the shot out of the trees by hitting a three wood under the tree hooking onto the green still trying to make birdie. And that bad shot then costs them another bad shot and another bad shot, then it becomes a blowup hole, and then these blowup holes look on the score card at the end of the round just like, oh look at that, that and that, they were my three blowup holes. There might have only been three bad shots, but certainly they are sitting there are like eight, eight, nine and there is the problem with the blowup hole. So bad shots are a part of play in the game, blowup hole is something you should try to reduce, play one shot at a time, make sure that your one bad shot only costs you one, take your medicine pitch it back into play and make blowup holes a thing of the past.