Limit Backswing Sway

There are a number of moves that cause golfers to leak power during the swing, including an exaggerated swaying motion.

This happens when the (right-handed) golfer shifts too much weight to the right side on the backswing. Typically, the head and shoulders will move well to the right of the ball. Part of the golfer’s weight will shift to the outside of the right foot, causing the knee to bend slightly outward.

Often, the swaying golfer will leave too much weight on the right side during the downswing, resulting in weak, right-veering shots. Or, he’ll sway back to the left, causing a multitude of mishits.

To cure this malady, first make sure your feet at are at least shoulder-width apart with the driver. If this doesn’t cure your sway, utilize the “ball-under-foot drill”:

• On the range, place a golf ball under the outside of your right foot. The inside of the foot should still touch the ground.

• When swinging, this will prevent the body from shifting too far right, keeping you centered over the ball and turning around your core.

Practice this tip often to ingrain the proper weight shift and eliminate your sway during your golf swing.