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Video Transcript

I think one of the most common types of bunker shots, is when you stuck at the back side of the bunker. So the ball is only just rolled in and it’s just cleared the lip on the back side of the bunker there. So you’re now in a situation where the ball is very close to the back edge of the bunker, and it makes it very difficult to get the club to the ball and you got to carry all the sand and get it up and over the lip as well. So this is a really common issue for golfers once they first start to learn to play, how to play this shot. So looking at this shot it really is important that set up is correct, so tip on will give you to hit here we’ve marked up as though we are at the edge of a bunker here, with the range basket in the way so it will help you to feel the restriction on the back swing.

So when set up place the ball slightly closer to your right foot if you’re right handed golfer, we need to get the club up very quickly to miss the edge on the lip of the bunker. So one of the best tips here for you is load up your left side to lean onto your left side, feel like your chest is on the left of the ball setting your weight in this position will allow you to really use the wrist very quickly and create a very steep angle of attack. So it will allow you to lift the club up missing the edge of the bunker and then drop it back down in position. Also use your most lofty club so that could be a 58 degree wedge, a 60 degree wedge. But use a lot of loft bolt towards the right foot weight on the left and then really pick the club up with your wrist very quickly.

If you were to come doing this and getting a good connection back down just to the edge of the ball, the ball is going to fly out of the bunker while having enough height on it to clear the lip. But it is a tough shot so needs some practice and remember is you are struggling, you’ve always got the option of coming out over and easy your edge.