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Ball flight clues. If you are hitting shots that you are not really very happy with because they are not giving you the correct direction or flight that you want from your golf ball then use the ball flight and help you learn from that as to what’s going on to create the shot. If we look at the various shots that golfers hit the most commons ones are a slice which starts left of target and then swings left to right and finishes on the right or a hook which starts on the right of a target and then because of the spin imparted on the ball that flies right to left and misses the target on the left. So knowing what causes those shots and then looking at the shot and feeding that back in you can start to self diagnose and start to hit straighter shots or the shots that you want to hit.

Now the majority reason for why a ball flies the way it does is because of the club face. So if we look at the club face, 85% of the reason for the ball flight will be because of the position the club was in as it struck the ball. If the club is not pointing at the target and the club is open so its pointing over to the right, that’s going to start to affect the tilt on the axis of the back spin that’s imparted on the ball and that will make the ball fly left to right and similarly if the club is turned more the other way and is pointing left of the target as the club contacts the ball again that’s going to put off tilted spin onto the ball and that’s going to make the ball fly right to left in the air. The actual swing path so whether the club is moving in to out or out to in is only worth 15% of why the ball has flown in that direction so it really has a lot to do with the club face.

So if you are looking at hitting a slice and we’ve got the club face open as you strike the ball, that ball is going to fly out and as it goes there is going to be a lot of left to right spin on the ball. Okay if the club face is pointing left of target as you hit the ball, that ball is going to go the other way and its going to swing right to left because of the back spin that’s been imparted and the tilt of the axis of that back swing so if you start to understand what’s causing the ball to fly the way it does you can then start to correct it. What we want to do is start to control how much the face is altered from pointing at the target and get it more square to the intended line of the swing path. So if you can keep the club face square to how you are swinging the club through the ball then you are going to get a much straighter flight.

So just concentrate on keeping the club face square as you swing at the target and you will start hitting much straighter shots but if you do hit a hook or a slice then use that ball flight to feed back in, understand what’s caused that to happen and then you can make the adjustment that’s necessary to correct and get a longer and further more accurate shot.