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Part of your pre-shot routine should always be to stand behind the golf ball and concentrate on the facts that are going to affect your club selection. This should always happen before you’ve even pulled the club out off the bag. It’s not the case of pulling the club and then looking at the shot, you have to look at the shot, take into account a lot of different factors before you make that club selection. One of these factors might be where the pin is on the green, and where is the danger is. If the pin is placed at the back or the front of the green you might account for that with your club selection. We then also got to concentrate on what the wind direction is doing, is the wind coming into, is the wind going down, we need to think about that. You’ve got to think about the temperature, the weather conditions, is it a cold day, it might not quite go so far.

The other thing is actually how pumps up do you feel. If it is really early in the morning and you’re just playing the first hole you’re probably not fully awake yet, you might not be able to generate massive amounts of club at a speed but likewise, towards the backend of the round maybe you’re playing the last hole, you’re close to win in the match, your playing partner is just sitting on the green, you’ve got a little bit of adrenaline going, that ball is probably going to go a little bit farther. All of those different factors need to be taken into account before you take your club selection.

Generally, most golfers were on the hit of their shots so they’re a little bit too aggressive for that club selection, so be nice and conservative. If you think somewhere between a seven and an eight, always go to the seven and then commit to that one rather than trying to hit the eight and trying to hit it too hard which will probably cause faults in your golf swing. In your pre-short routine look at the flag, consider all the different factors that will affect how far this ball goes and not just,“Well, it says 150 on the yardage, therefore, I’m going to hit 150,” think about the different factors before you take the club out off the bag.