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Every time that we talk about improving your technique, improving your game and improving your golf clubs, still down to one factor, you linking to the club through the grip. So it’s really important that not only that you’ve got the right technical grip position but you’re actually holding the right thing as well. So when it comes to fitting golf clubs to make sure the specification of the club is correct, don’t just accept the black on the end is the one that came from it when you bought it in the shop and I just picked it up and waggled it around and it feel fine. Make sure this bit is specifically fitted to you, your hand size on the way you hold the golf club. So when you go and get professionally custom fit, a company like would actually measure your hand, but not just your overall hand but the finger length and actually the way you place your hands on the club and then recommend the grip thickness and the grip size that would suit.

So a standard grip when you hold on to it that you sort of pick up in the shop might feel comfortable because that’s what you’ve always held. But actually if you have performance defects in your shots, if it’s leaking out to the right or hooking to the left, a professional might be able to recommend that you get a thicker or a thinner grip to help with that. You could also see with my golf club here I have a jewel compound, my top hand is my left hand has a corded substance over the grip that actually gives me a bit more grip particularly when it’s wet or my hands are sweaty I get a bit tight to hold here and then a softer grip in the right hand there just so I get a bit more feel through my right hand.

If you’ve got an issue where your right hand is a bit too active through the golf ball, we might even parallel the grip for you, where rather than having the grip tape running into a point, we’d actually thicken the bottom half of the grip to make it a parallel grip. So it’s a massively important factor is holding the golf club correctly and holding the right grip and making sure the grip is the right size for you to hold on to. So don’t underestimate how important this is and make sure it gets professionally fit when you do your custom fitted golf clubs.