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Video Transcript

One of the key fundamentals to making a good golf shot is to make sure you get really good accurate contact, middle of the ball as close to the middle of the golf club as possible to really hit that sweet spot. But often when we consider which clubs are we going to strike the ball better with, most golfers would suggest and they probably hit the short irons more regularly out of the center of the golf club than they do the long irons. For example it's easy to strike a nine-iron out of the middle than it is for example a four-iron. So if we know that the better strikes come with the short clubs it stands to reason that the longer we make this shaft, the more difficult it is to hit the middle of the golf club.

But why do we make the shaft longer? Well actually, we made the shaft longer to generate more club head speed to give us more distance, but as we make it longer we get more distance yes, but also we miss the middle more regularly as we've just observed. So if we grip down on the golf club this way which a lot of people would talk about as choking up. So we choke up on the club, some people say choke down, choke up, the basic premise is the same, we grip lower down on the golf club. So if we choke up on the golf club like this, can we still maintain or get a better quality of strike because of that without losing sufficient distance?

So for a lot of golfers it might be worth the tradeoff that they lose a bit of distance because they grip down on the club but they're actually gain distance and short accuracy, because they hit the middle more frequently. So these next little series of videos is going to be all about understanding that relationship between gripping down on the golf club, so choking up on the club to then improve the quality of strike and the quality of impact.