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Video Transcript

What are the square club face positions during a full golf swing? Now the club face as it rotates and travels on its arc and playing around the body will move into different positions but in relation to the target line we need to remain and keep it square. Now the checkpoints you can use are quite simple, you can do it with a video camera, or a mirror, or just a friend. Now in view from down the line is probably the best way to actually gauge where the club is in relation to its face position.

First of all get setup to a ball. I’ve just got a seven nine here for this demonstration, setup to a ball with the club face square to the target line. As the club moves away it should rotate away with the path until at this point here where the club face – where the club shaft sorry is parallel to the ground, the leading edge of that club should be pretty much level and on the same line as my spine.

As the club then moves back it continues to rotate and at the top of the swing the leading edge of that club should be square and parallel to the back of my left wrist and the back of my left arm. As it moves back down through to impact it needs to get into pretty much the same positions. So same as the spine angle and at that impact nice and square to the target line. And you can actually use those little checkpoints just before you swing, so same as the spine angle nice and square with the back of that left wrist and then try and repeat the same positions coming down. And if you can get those positions right you should see a very nice and very straight ball flight.