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Video Transcript

So as we have discussed before, golf is a target orientated game. We’ve got something that we’re aiming for out here that we got to try and hit the golf ball towards. So, aiming is going to be very important. Now if we aim the body correctly, that’s fine. But the actual most important thing, this, the club face, be it with a driver, a hybrid and a putter, aiming this in the right direction is mega important.

The club face when it strikes the golf ball is responsible for 85% of the ball’s initial targeted direction. Now, you might think well surely it’s resorted in 100% of the initial targeted direction but you’re going to think about swing path, swing path be it coming across or coming out to where that can affect the way the golf ball starts as well. But 85% of where the ball starts is directed by the club face. So, also in getting that aligned would be super important.

Now here’s a really nice little tip for you, when you’re setting up to the golf ball, we’re looking to get the bottom edge of the golf, not the top edge. Some people get the top edge lined up wrong. Get the bottom edge lined up correctly at your target, pointing exactly perpendicular to your target line. So lining that up as correctly as possible and then just grip it. Now, lift that golf club straight to be in front of you and look at the club now, the bottom edge should be vertical to the target line, so you’re vertical straight up this way, okay.

Now, if I can stand there and look into the background, I’d pick the straight edge of a building or the straight edge of a tree, maybe it’s going straight up or a telegraph pylon, make sure that’s dead lined up straight, drop it straight back down again and now I know I’m pointing in the right direction. If I have the club face in an open position, pick the golf club, the look that you can see that club’s not right, likewise closed position. It’s more obvious here than it is maybe down here because a vertical line is quite easy to see.

The other really nice little innovation that I like to see is the Thomas Golf Products where they’ve actually got the lines on the back of all of the clubs. For years, manufacturers have made putters with lines on the back and that’s easy to line up. You can point your line straight at your target. But no one’s ever really gone ahead and put the line on the back of the eye and the hybrid of the driver. Now you could argue that the driver is more important to line up because that’s going to go further, so any mistake with your alignment is massively exaggerated with the driver.

So if you look at the Products that when you line that up, the line on the back is really easy, really simple to point in the right direction. The line follows the line in your feet, points at your target line, and then there’s no question about whether you’ve got the club face lined up or not. So it’s a nice innovation. I think we’ll start to see that a lot of the clubs is that the line on the back is going to help you point in the right direction to encourage you to hit straight the golf shots.

So just remember, your club face alignment, responsible for about 85% of the ball’s initial direction. Get that bit right and you’re on a good way to hitting much straighter golf shots.