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Video Transcript

So if you watch Jason Dufner play on the TV, one of the most notable things you will see in his game apart from the haircut is the way he waggles the golf club before he plays it. So he sets up behind the golf ball, everything is looking good, then he has quite a big, noticeable couple of waggles before he swings the club. That kind of stands out that he does that more than any other golfer that you’ll probably see on the TV. But actually the movement in itself is not that peculiar, a lot of golfers have something that they do before they hit the golf ball, a waggle or a trigger if you like for their swing. And actually if we look at how this happens in other sports, its very common to see in other sports, so if you watch a darts player, they are lining up to the board and they have a couple little pre-waggles before they release it, if you watched somebody play pool they line up, they have a couple of little pre-pushes before they play their shot. And its kind of stands to reason, the body doesn’t like to move from a perfectly stationery position to do something athletic in one go, it will be very difficult to stand there with a dart and then throw it, it will certainly be very difficult to pull it back, stop and then throw it. So the reason why Dufner has this waggle it’s to kind of ingrained the movement that he is going to do during the rest of his swing, but its also a great way of relieving tension.

And I think that’s where it can be useful for a club golfer as well, that if you stand over the golf ball and you feel like you get too tight and too tense before your swing, having a little pre-waggle in there can be quite useful to you. So you set up behind the back of the ball and you pick out your target and you’ve got the right club, and then just keep the hands and arms nicely relaxed, and just let the hands move in the way that they are going to move during the backswing. So from down the line here, I’m having a good backswing turn, a nice waggle, you don’t have to exactly copy Dufner’s movement, and I would certainly encourage you to not do anything in your backswing that’s detrimental to your real swing. So you wouldn’t want to swing the club back in the wrong way, flicking it like this is a waggle, is probably the wrong thing to do because then that happens in your real swing and you are in big trouble. So setting up nicely and swinging back and through rather than opening the club into the wrong place and then trying to hit the golf ball from there. So have a nice couple of pre-waggles, like Jason Dufner, but don’t do anything that’s detrimental to your real swing.