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So you might have got the gist of this idea of changing to the new grip. It’s not going to be an easy simple change and it’s going to take a little bit of practice. And you might start to feel that during that practice time you end up a little bit conflicted. Imagine the scenario now that you changed your new grip. And from 10 feet you can’t miss, everything goes in which is brilliant. You've never been such a good putter from 10 feet out. And then you go to 30 feet out and do your distance practice, and you're rubbish. So I am good from 10 feet, my line of putt is really good. It's going in the hole nicely. I go do my distance practice from 30-40 feet and I can't control it.

So therefore do I stick to my new grip or do I go back to my old grip? Well how about we have a combination of the two that from nearer, when we focus on getting the ball into the hole we want to hold these putts we use our new penholder or saw grip. But then as we get further away and distance control becomes a bigger priority, maybe we change back to a more conventional grip where your distance control is better. Now there's no reason why you can't have those two different grips working in combination.

There’s certainly nothing in the rules that says you must grip it the same every time. The one thing I'll probably give you as a piece of advice is keep practicing from distance because no doubt that the new grip hasn't been practiced from distance as much as the old grip. So keep practicing it, yes. But also when you actually go on the golf course just set yourself a level, a limit, sort of a distance away from the hole when you are going to change. And then try and stick to that distance, don't get too complex about you know from there should I try it from there, should I try it.

Just work on the principle of let's say that’s 15 feet, so five paces away from the hole. If I'm more than 5 paces, I'll use my old distance control putting stroke and if I am nearer than five paces away I’ll use my new penholder grip where I feel a bit more controlled and a bit more comfortable about holding the putts. And then keep practicing those two elements, the two different grips together and work on that combination putting grip to see whether you can improve your overall putting scores.