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If you’re watching your golf on the TV at all, you’ll often hear people talking about swing planes and one plane swings and two plane swings. Well here is a quick description, of what is a one and a two plane golf swing and how they can be beneficial?

We start it with from side on because the golf swing plane needs to be viewed from the back angle down here and basically you will see most players on the PGA tour probably have a two plane golf swing. It’s slightly more common to see a two plane swing. Two plane generally infers when the left arm sits up above the general shoulder plane. So if I take my back swing here, my left arm comes quite high up above my shoulder plane, so if we were to draw a straight line down, the arm up and the straight line across the shoulders, it’s slightly lower, so there is the arm and there is the shoulders, and that would imply a two plane golf swing.

You’ll often see it on two plane golf, the down swing will then shallow out, and put the golf ball a little bit more from the inside. So it might be described as steeper to flatter in a two plane golf swing. And a one plane golf swing, implies a swing that goes back and down on exactly the same plane line. So, we’d often see that the club would come a little bit more around the body, and the backswing. And that the left arm would sit in more akin to the shoulder angle here and effectively be a little bit flatter and then the downswing would follow in exactly the same line. So it’s not necessarily any re-rooting of the golf swing, so it just come around and down, in a one plane style, rather than up and down and a two plane style.

Now you can clearly see with the guys that are winning money on the PGA tour that, both styles of golf swing can work, both styles of golf swing are very efficient. What I think is important to understand that, there’s movements in a one plane swing and movements in a two plane swing, they shouldn’t really be crossed over, so if you are going to learn a one plane swing or a two plane swing, you need to make sure you get the best advice for those. The best part really is to go and see your PGA golf professional, get them to diagnose what swing plane you currently have and then they can give you the best advice on how to improve with that swing plane that you’re currently using. So hopefully that makes things a little bit clearer on the people that are talking on the TV, about the golf swing plane, one plane and two plane golf swings.