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With this swing tip we’re going to look at how best to handle shots from tight lies. So when you are out on the golf course you are going to experience tight lies from time to time if you’re playing a links type of course so a course quite close to the sea you will be used to playing from tight lies because the grass on the fairways always tends to be little bit shorter. But even if you’re used to playing on a Portland course you will find tight lies everywhere just where the fairway is worn, the grass hasn’t been over seeded so new grass hasn’t started growing again yet or during the summer you might find if it’s really, really warm that the fairways just burnt the grass has died off slightly so you’re getting a much tighter lie. So it’s important to know how to be able to hit from these tighter positions. So the way we’re going to do this, we’re going to play the ball slightly further back and your stance are normal. So here I'm hitting 7-iron. Normally I would hit 7-iron from just left of centre so what I will do is I’ll set up just so that the ball is now in the middle of my feet. I'm also going to stand slightly more on my left side than usual and I'm going to make sure that I keep my hands forward or to the left of the ball as I'm looking. Now the reason I want to do that is going to help me just to generate a slightly steeper swing as I move the club head back.

So looking this way on; so I've got the ball slightly further back in my stance and my hands forward, my weight slightly on my left side as I swing back I’ll just start to pick the club head up slightly more than usual making a steeper swing so that as I hit down I'm going to attack the ball at a steeper angle and it will help me strike the ball cleanly and then hit the turf. So we’ll set up in that position where we’ve got the ball slightly further back than usual I'm leaning on my left side, hands are forward I'm going to keep the weight slightly more on my left and just work on picking the club head up and then striking down so I get a downward hit. I’ll also just hold slightly further down the normal so you can see there I'm holding about an inch further down on the handle. And that’s going to shorten the distance between the club head and my body and again that’s going to encourage me to take the ball cleaner and when I hit down I will make a much cleaner strike. So we’ve set up the balls slightly further back, weight is on the left, the hands are forward I'm holding slightly further down the handle just pick the club head up and strike through. And we get a lovely clean connection off a very tight lie. So work on those few pointers the next time you are at the range take them out onto the golf course and you should start hitting much better golf shots.