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Most lady golfers nowadays carry a variety of clubs in their bag, so it’s no longer just traditional fairway woods and irons. Most ladies nowadays are starting to carry hybrid clubs as well because they’re the best of both worlds. You get the large forgiving head of the wood but you’ve got the length of the shaft of the iron making it easier to control. So it’s so easy to use and they’re very versatile you can play a lot of different shots with them. But a lot of ladies will say to me, well how many hybrids should they carry in their bag and that really just depend on you as an individual golfer. It depends on what clubs you’re struggling to hit. So if you find it very difficult to hit long irons, then put the hybrids in your bag to replace your longer irons. What you’re looking to do is if your 3 iron for example has a loft of 21 degrees, you’d want to replace that with a hybrid option of 21 degree. So it’s going to do the same job for you. If you find it easy to hit your shorter irons then keep your shorter irons in your bag but if again you find it really difficult with your shorter irons then replace your shorter irons, work out where the loft is on those shorter irons, you can do this by just having a chat with your local golf pro who’ll tell you what the loft is for the club that you’re looking to replace, and then you can just buy a hybrid of that loft to replace that club and do the same job and you’ll find it much easier.

So there’s nothing to say that you couldn’t replace all of your irons and go for all of a hybrids because there are so many options on the market nowadays, and if you go to Thomas Golf you’ll find that they’ve got a whole variety of hybrids that you can play with from the very long irons being replaced all the way through to pitching wedge and sand iron in utility club form. So look at what you do well. If you hit certain irons well they don’t need replacing but if you have got certain clubs that you’re struggling to hit well, then maybe think of just getting the same loft option on a hybrid instead you should find your golf improves really well.