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Video Transcript

Should my stance change with different golf clubs? As clubs gets lower in loft they actually get longer and that will mean the swing arc bottoms out in different places in the stance. That’s why with a wedge and a very short club the ball should be positioned in the middle of the stance and with the driver it should be positioned towards the front of the stance just inside the left heel. This is all because the swing arc bottoms out at different points, with a wedge the swing will bottom out pretty much in the middle of the stance which is why the stance is quite narrow, because the swing is generally producing a little less power, ball position here in the middle, ball is contacted first and the swing and then the tuff afterwards.

Now with the shots aligns the stance widens but the swing arc still pretty much bottoms out in the middle – well just after the middle of the stance as the irons gets longer so down to the five the four and the three the ball position generally moves forwards till the hybrids and the fairway woods and then lastly the driver is just inside the left heel and the stance at this point should have widened to a point where it’s just beyond the shoulders.

The reason that the driver is the furthest forward is because the swing arc needs to bottom out and almost hit the ball on a slightly ascending arc. So you’re sweeping the ball up and off the top of the tee and if you get everything right and the swing arc bottoms out just the way you want it to be, that’s the best way and the most effective way to see the most consistent shot.