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Video Transcript

Where should my right foot be at setup for different golf shots? Well, if we look head on to start with, your right foot position is going to vary depending on which club you hit for the distance it is away from your left. We need to set up so the ball is in the middle of the feet if we are hitting our pitching wedge. So this would be the right stance position to play from with the pitching wedge. The feet don’t want to be too wide apart with the pitching wedge, you are not playing for power, you are playing more for accuracy and because it’s shorter club, you won’t swing the club hard on such a wide arc, so you won’t generate as much power and speed with the club head as you would for your driver.

So with the pitching wedge, we’d have quite a narrow stance, but if we move on to the driver which is a much longer club and so we are going to have a much wider swing arc, we are going to pick up a lot more speed and hit the ball harder. So we would want to widen the right foot out so it becomes a much further distance away from the left as we are swinging the golf club. And that’s to allow for the fact that we are going to swing the golf club much faster, we are going to hit the ball harder so we need a wider base to help us balance from.

If we look this way on, if we are going to hit a full shot, we need to stand with the right foot, so that it’s parallel to the left foot and parallel to the target line. That’s going to allow us to now aim the club correctly and to swing the club back along the target line, make a good back swing and it will allow us to turn the hips and now swing the club head back along the target line and with the face aiming down the target line, you will hit a straight shot. But if you are playing a pitch or a chip shot, you want to set the feet like this, so the stance is open.

So what we would want to do is initially stand parallel to the target line and then pull the left foot directly back. So your right foot now will be closer to the ball than your left foot will be. With your right foot closer to the ball, it slightly open the hips, so the hips are now rotated towards the target and as we make a smaller back swing, it really helps us turn the hips though the target allowing the arms to extend the club head along the target line. If we play these shorter shots, with the feet parallel to the target line as we swing through, the hips won’t turn as well and we’ll end up buckling the arms, pulling the club head up off the target line and onto the inside as well which will give us directional problems and problems with connection.

So thinking of the right foot position, the longer the club gets the further it gets away from the left foot width wise and also for full shots you want to stand with both left and right foot the same distance from the target line, but for shorter shots the right foot should be closer to the target line to help you turn through the shot. That will really help you improve your golf scores.