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If you find yourself in a position where the ball is severely down below your feet, you have to be aware that the ball flight will alter in relation to what the ball flight would be like on a flat lie. So with the ball along way below my feet, the club face actually tends to be more open as I hit the golf ball, simply the fact that if the loft on the golf club on my 7 iron here aims straight from this position as I tilt the handle up, this loft angle now point a little bit more to the right hand side. So actually the face is slightly more open because the loft angle points right. That is going to cause the ball to go right just from your set position.

Secondly, because of the down slope will swing a bit quite steep, therefore we hit across the ball, its actually very difficult to fully turn and release the club face, so generally you will find that the ball will head off on the right hand side just because of that slope again.

Another issue here might be the fact that because you are on the down slope, you get pulled towards the golf ball, too much body weight goes onto your toes and people are prone to hitting this shank from this position so you are too near to the golf ball down swing, you shank it and the ball comes out very low and for the right-hand side, one more fault you will have to be very conscious of into his position would be a nice set position here making a swing where the ball fields lower than it normally is, you could actually pop the golf ball, so a lot of people from this position with the ball being too low would hit over the top of it, fall in it and shank it or hit the cut shot, where the setting up the golf ball nicely but they swing and the ball cuts away from the right hand side missing the target line missing the green, so the next video we will look at the compensations that you can make to try and straighten those shots out.