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How should you change my golf swing when it’s windy? Well first you’ve got to understand what’s windy. If the flags are just blowing out, and they’re just flapping around, I wouldn’t really call that windy. So I would just go ahead and play with your normal game. You aim a bit left, aim a bit right, hit it longer, hit it shorter into and down the wind but don’t change your swing too much. Windy by this definition is really sort bending the flags, blowing out a lot, brushing your hair in the wind and feeling your jacket blow in the wind, that’s the kind of a windy day, a classic sort of British linked, British Open kind of windy day when the flags are bending half over. In those sorts of conditions you could consider changing your swing. Couple bit of alterations you might make just to control your ball flight and to control your body movement. Very windy days we might consider just widening the stance a little bit, just bringing your centre of gravity a little bit lower and giving you more stability.

You might also decide to grip slightly down on the golf club, gripping down will just bring the ball flight down a little bit. It may also shorten your shot which encourages then to hit one club longer which again brings your ball flight down a little bit. So rather than hitting big tiring six irons I might just grip down on the five, widen my stance a little bit and then slow my tempo down, just to make sure my swing has plenty of chance to finish and turn through, I’ll slow my swing down, and again that brings the ball flight down, keeps the ball lower.

We don’t want narrow stance, full grip, short clubs, ball shooting way up into the air on those windy days. So it’s a wider stance, sit down a little bit, grip down a little bit, use a bigger club and just make a nice little so the three quarter nudge forwards and that would help improve your shots when it’s a very windy day.