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So what’s the top, how high how high should I tee the ball on a par three. How high should I tee the ball on a par three? Well that really depends on which club you're using to hit the ball into the green and that's going to be dictated to you by the yardage that you're playing and also the situation of where the hazards are, where the pin is on the whole. So once you’ve decided on which club you’re playing, if it’s an iron or a high breed or a fairway wood that you would normally strike from the ground, you need to be teeing the ball up, so the ball is going to be struck from the center of that face. And because this face is quite small, the tee needs to be very, very low. So I would only set the tee just maybe a centimeter for your fairway woods or your high breeds and just a couple of millimeters off the ground for your iron. So you really want to set the tee low on the club face and that’s going to allow you to hit a really effective golf shot.

However if you're having to play a driver for the yardage off that par three, setting the tee that low with your driver won’t help because you're driver especially if it’s a more modern club you need to hit the driver from the upper part of the club face to get the sweet spot and to get maximum distance and accuracy form the golf ball. So this time what we want to do is set the tee peg so its inline with maybe the second groove down from the top of that club, a couple of millimeters or a centimeter lower than the top of the club. That will now set the ball so at least half of the ball is above the top of that driver and its going allow you to hit a great golf shot from that it will help you get the ball up into the air. So really how high to set the tee peg depends on the club that you’re using, if it’s a fairway wood or a rescuer or an iron, set the tee peg very low to the ground because you're generally hitting those shots off the floor.

But if you're using your driver, get the ball teed up nice and high, at least half the ball above the top of the face of the golf club and it will really help you get the ball into the air so you generate the yardage that you need to hit the green.