Video Series

Video Transcript

As you join me now we are going to start looking at some sloping lies. So I have got myself a sloping lie mat here. I am going to go through a process of filming 12 different videos with four different sloping lies, and with each sloping lie we are going to look at what the swing does, what the ball does from the sloping lie and what compensations you can make with your swing to compensate the fact that the ball is on even level ground. So the first ball I have got here is a ball below my feet, we are going to look at what the swing will do with this situation. So as I step up on to the mat here, you can see that the slope is quite severe, I am being pulled forwards. Any steeper than this, and the ball might actually not stay on a slope like this.

So this is about as steep as we can manage here. And as I set to the golf ball I can actually feel my body weight getting dragged towards my fifth toe, so if I make a fast swing here, there is a good chance that I will become off balance and actually step into the ball. The other issue that we have here is that the swing is going to start getting quite steep from this position, I am leaning quite far forwards with quite a lot of spine angle tilt, the swing is going to get quite steep. The resulting shot therefore could be quit a left to right if the club face is staying too open, so I got to be very careful that I maintain good balance and I don't let my golf swing get too steep on the sloping lies.