Video Series

Video Transcript

There is not many golfers that would relish the opportunity to play from uneven lies, in fact, you go as far as most golfers hate uneven lies. Unless they are playing at a golf course that’s very undulating and they are used to uneven lies all the time, a lot of times the unevenness of the slope can always ruin a golfer’s chance of hitting the green. If I have a 150 yards from the flat lie, I might feel like I am 80% likely to hit the green but from an uneven lies only that percentage might drop down to 20% – 30% because the uneven lies are going to put me off and a lie doesn’t need to be that uneven to cause problems.

I am looking now at the ball above my feet and in this position I would suggest most golfers are going to struggle to execute the same consistency and accuracy of golf shot they would do if we are back on the flat teeing ground. And from this position there is a couple of different issues that are caused, one of the biggest priorities is just the fact that most golfers don’t actually strike the ball very well. So from this uneven ground position, the second they hit the ball, they know they haven’t struck as cleanly or as well as if they were on a flat teeing ground.

The other issue is understanding what actually happens to the ball from the uneven lie. So even though I might strike the ball perfectly as I look up to see which way the ball goes, it doesn’t fly as accurately as it would do from the flat and it curves and puts me in an awkward position. Now golfers are generally going to find that well depending on the type of golf course you play, uneven lies are just a fact of life out on the golf course but for a lot of golfers, they are quite difficult to practice because you certainly don’t really find many practice areas, teaching facilities or practice grounds with uneven lies.

So it’s one of those things that you have to really get out and experience on the golf course to feel how the uneven nature of the ground can affect the shots and learn how to do things for real life on the golf course. And these nice little series of four videos we are going to look at how the slopes can affect you, how the slopes can affect the golf balls and as much as anything how you can alter your technique to minimize the effect of playing with the ball above your feet.