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Should I play all of my golf iron shots in the centre of my stance. Well the answer to this question is no, that ball should within your stance depending on which iron you're playing to hit the shot with. The reason for that is that as your irons alter in length, the angle that you will set them to the floor at also alters. So if you're playing your shorter irons, they will set more upright to the floor and you can see that with the shaft angle here in a more upright position. If you have a longer iron as we have here that will set to the floor at a much flatter angle and that’s going to affect how you swing the club back around you and the plain you swing on.

The shorter iron you will swing it on a much more upright plain, much steeper plain whereas the iron that’s set with the flatter angle you will swing round you on a much flatter angle on a much flatter plane arching away from the target line more. Now that's important because the shorter club and the steeper swing plane means that as you swing the club back down the club head is on the target line for a lot longer and the club face will be aiming down that target line earlier whereas with the longer iron as you swing on the flatter plane and arch the club around you and away from the target line on the inside much more you will approach the target line from the inside much more and you need to have the time to then square the club face up as you rotate through the shots as you swing down the target line. And to give you the time to square that club face up to the target, the ball must move further down the target line.

So if you're playing your shorter club so you're pitching wedge for example you’d want to play that from a very centered position in your stance and that will allow you to strike down on the ball, the low point for your swing up will be after you’ve struck the ball you will make a downward striking action and the club face will be square to the target. But if you're playing a much longer iron so say for example a four iron, you would want to move that ball further forward in the stance, so you would play that more from an inch or so inside the left heel but much further to the left if you're a right handed golfer then you’d play the pitching wedge. And that now will allow you to swing down, strike the ball but allow you the time to square the club face up.

So you want to play your short irons from the middle of your stance and then ball moves half a ball left for each subsequent club. So pitching wedge and 9-iron centered half a ball left for an 8-iron and another half of the ball left for seven and another half the ball left for six and so on and that moves the ball down the target line to allow for the fact you need more time to square the clubface. So if you move the ball around in your stance and change the ball position depending on the club that you're hitting, you should find you get a much more accurate outcome and that your golf scores improve.