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Video Transcript

In this goal swing video, we're going to have a look at how to hit really effective bump-and-run shot. A bump-and-run shot is a shot where you're going to chip from around the green. We're not looking particularly for a lot of height with this shot. The ball is going to go out with a lower trajectory. It's going to land, and then once it's landed its going to roll a lot.

So if we're thinking how much will the ball be in the air and how much will it roll, if we're looking to using say a 7-iron the ball is going to be only in the air for a quarter of its overall distance of travel, so once its landed its then going to run three quarters of the remaining shot so that's the bump and run, so a low trajectory, landing quite early and then rolling out close to the target.

So we're looking at playing with the 7-iron and the correct setup to take to play the shot is play the ball from the middle of the feet, have the feet a little bit narrow than usual because when you chip in, you don’t need a this sort of width of stance to cover the club head speed, so this will promote you to balance well and not to shift your weight about during the swing.

Pull your left feet directly back from way where your right toes are about halfway down your right shoe, and you want to do this, so that its allow to hit just to rotate out of the way its basically opened your stance up, but if you do it this way you'll have maintained your alignment with your shoulders and with your toes. So make it quite easy to swing down the target line, get the left hip out of the way so it’s not going to block the follow through action.

We're going to setup with the hands lower down on the handle. This will give us added control over the club head, and we're going to push the hands forward. We're going to keep the hands forward that means to the left of the ball of the club head as you're looking at the ball. So we create a really straight line from the left shoulder down the left arm to the left hand and then down again through the club shaft and into the club head.

And what we want to do to hit the bump and run is we want to maintain that straight line look all the way through the swing. So we're going to take that straight line left shoulder left hand club head away from the ball to the right. We're going to bring that straight line back into the ball, and we're going to keep that straight line as we go through. So let's have a look at here in that shop. So very slightly on the left hand side to encourage your downward hits, we're going to take that straight line away from the ball back in, and we're going to swing through.

And if we look at the follow through we're still in the straight line look with the left shoulder, the left hand and the club head all in the straight line so the club heads finishing much lower than usual much closer to the flow. We haven’t let the club release. Slightly turning the body as we move through the shot so the straight line goes back, the straight line goes into the ball, down the target line, still in the straight line, we finish rotated with the tool so towards the target and the weight more on the left foot. And if you use that technique that's going to give you a really effective lower trajectory shot that lands and then rolls on close to the flag.