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Video Transcript

Okay. We’re talking about, you pull out, you drive, and you find yourself consistently keeping the ball so high; so why? Well there could be many reasons for it. But let’s start up with the most obvious facts. First of all, have you got the ball tee too high? One or two of you might be kind of laughing down the sort of screen there thinking well that’s obvious, but you’ll be amazed how many times people tee the ball too high. So what’s the sort of golden rule? If you look at you club head, the golden rule in my eyes is about a third of the ball should be above the top, so you got two thirds down the face and a third at the top.

So the weight is still coming in and the bottom half of the ball to send the ball up in the air, because teeing the ball here then you can just imagine you could be right underneath the ball, so first of all, that ball could be teed too high. So first always check the height in comparison to the actual phase of your driver that you’re using. The second thing is you might be swinging a little bit on the steep side. Now basically when you swing too steep, it’s predominantly down to one of two three different things, the first thing, is that you might be having the ball position a bit too central. If you put the ball in the middle of the stance, this will always make the swing tend to go more up and down. And you can see from this action here, I’m going to come as far as too steep and then predominantly I’m going to get underneath that ball again, okay.

Next thing, if we set up to the ball and we tend to get underneath it, again the possibility is that we’re swinging the club outside to inside. By going out to in, you can see we’re coming in very, very steep. And if you’re coming in very, very steep, again the tendency is to hit get underneath it. Its very, very rare golfers will slice the ball very low, they tend to hit the ball high and he slides away; so again another reason for hitting that ball high. Another one is setting up to the ball and you’re going to reverse pivot wherever we go leaning on the left hand side and then we lean back at impact, helping the ball up in the air.

So these are all factors that could actually hit he ball high but unless you physically got you golf pro there with you, you’re never going to really know, here are a few here that you can go out and work on and these are the most probably the most common faults, but the pro is there to help you and he will have you sort it out so quickly. Remember also you got a chance to go down to your local sort of store who have all these launch monitors and they can check to see whether or not the shaft is correct for you. Is it too flexible, is it too stiff? And from that, the grip might be too thick might be too thin and these are all bearings that might have an effect about hitting the ball too high. So next time you tee you hit the ball too high, think is it the tee peg? Is it that arced swing? Is it you swinging out or in and if you think I haven’t got the time for all these things to work out on the practice ground and on the golf course, then go and see your pro, because within half an hour I can assure you, he will get to the bottom of why you’re teeing up, why your hitting that ball too high.