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Video Transcript

If you’ve ever tried to improve your golf particularly if you’ve tried to improve your slice in your golf swing, you’d have probably encountered the term inside or hitting the ball from the inside. Now here is the tip about how you can get inside but also what is the understanding of that term? Firstly if I lay a cane down here, and this is going to be pointing from our ball to target line so that’s going to be the line that we want to hit the golf ball on. Inside is described as an area behind that line on this side of the line and therefore outside is over that line attacking from the other angle.

Generally a slicing golf ball is caused because the club is on that side of the line, outside of the line hitting to the inside, and the golfer just trying to draw the ball is often described as trying to come at it from the inside from this side, swinging to the outside over there, so you’ve got inside the line and outside the line. That’s probably the simplest understanding of that we can have. Now as a golfer trying to get the club down more on the inside line, we want to see how the club can come back on the nice line up, but then avoid coming over. Now the easiest way to get this to happen is to feel like the arms are going to fall and drop behind you. At the same time, that the hips are going to move out of the way to almost create some space. So the hips are going to move across towards the target and then start to rotate, and the hands are going to fall into that space.

That then gets the club on the inside, and we can hit to the golf ball hitting the right handed golfer out to the right from in to out. So the feeling would be taking the golf club to the top, pulling the arms down behind and moving the body at the same time and not turning the shoulders which throws the club over the top to the outside position and then heaving it across. So hopefully that description of what is inside and how to do it will help you attack the ball from the inside if you’re struggling with a slice.