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Now if you are looking to eliminate mistakes that you’re making from 100 yards then obviously you need to realize what those mistakes are. Now generally speaking a player of reasonable standard and mid handicap will be able to strike there wedges quite well. The problem is when they actually try and control the distance organizing of those shots. Research studied about by… research carried out by lots of different people Dave Pelz for example a shot game kind of Guru. Really found that most people will miss wedge shot either on the long side or the short side having poor distance control is a real killer. Because there is so much loft on wedges because you are generating so much back spin the actual deviation that you get on wedge shots isn’t that high. You won’t massively miss shots to the left, you won’t miss them to the right but having poor distance control you will miss them long and short.

So how do you eliminate that how do you actually manage to get the correct distance for your wedges? So first of the entire first thing that you really wanting to be doing is knowing how far your wedges go. If you were to look through your wedge make up right now I have four wedges in my bag do you know how far all those wedges go on full swing, do you know how far all those wedges go on a half swing or three quarter swing? The very best players from 100 yards in do. They know exactly how far this wedges pitch when they strike you well and therefore and therefore it gives them an element of control when they are playing shorts Now if you are a regular golfer at your home course or you have a range finder you will generally be out get the distance to most pens. So when you got that 100 yards again you looking to get that correct distance you need to know how far you are hitting all your clubs and that is what we are going to be launching in the series.