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If you're ever watching golf on the TV, you often hear its commentators, the announcers talking about coming at the golf ball from the inside and hitting the inside of the golf ball, and why that’s so important. And then the bad golfer that comes from the outside and why that’s a bit of a problem. So here's an understanding of exactly what we're talking about there. And I think the easiest thing to think about when you're talking about this is to imagine that the target is down this way. We're going to say the target is at 12 o'clock. So here's my clock face , here's the hands of the clock face and straight forward there is 12 o'clock, so the back of the clock here would be at 6 o'clock, and therefore as we move around the clock face, we've got one 1 o'clock and then we've got 7 o'clock. So if we set that hand up there, so that’s 7 o'clock and that’s 1 o'clock. Now a good golf swing that hits the ball from the inside part of the ball, the nearest part to me, is swinging through the target line on a 7 to 1 angle.

So next time you're out playing, take the maker's name on the ball, the red line as I've got it here, and just twist it so it points on the 7 o'clock to 1 o'clock line. Often you can do that when you're teeing off for in practice. You can't twist your golf ball around when you're playing on the course. But I've aimed my line now, my maker's name, from 7 o'clock to 1 o'clock. I then have the feeling I'm going to hit the ball right in the back of the 7 o'clock position from an inside approach which should give me a ball that draws slightly from right to the left, or if I do it too much, it could hook the golf ball but that’s better I would feel than coming up over the top, hitting the ball on the outside, hitting the ball on the sort of 5 o'clock position.

So it's a really nice way of understanding what the inside of the golf ball is, why it's important to try and hit it, and a good way of visualizing hitting it from there is to swing from 7 o'clock through 1 o'clock, 6 to 12 but not from 5 o'clock through 11 o'clock. That would be the outside of the golf ball, that would be the slice or the fadest kind of position. So think about hitting the inside of the golf ball for stronger and better flying shots.