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Here's an area that a lot of golfers will overlook when they're taking their address position. And its actually quite a fundamental part of your address position because its your hands and arms is the important way that holds onto the club there the thing that deliver the golf club into the right position. So its all well in good getting your feet and the ball in the right place, but unless your hands and arms are in the right place you could have some issues. So there's a couple of really great little checkpoints that will make sure your hands and arms are in the right place.

From the front hand view here as I sat up to the golf ball, I'd like to take my front hand which for me is my left hand a place at the top of the golf club. Now, I'm actually trying to create quite a straight line down for my elbow through my wrist and through the shaft of the golf club, so effectively the handle of the golf club is pointing towards my left shoulder. Now, if I had a ball position for a pitch anyways it would be more back into middle of my stance. That angle now increases a little bit, but it still points my shoulder likewise as I setup to a driver which would be more forwards in my stance that line would still point at my shoulder, so effectively the handle of the golf club is now back a little bit more behind the golf ball rather than ahead. But it actually always joins a straight line through my wrist to my shoulder so left arm and golf club create a straight line when viewed from front arm.

And quite importantly they don’t create a straight line when viewed from this position. So when we look at it from a down the line view would actually see the left handed arm is out then the golf club sticks out this way. What we wouldn't want to see is a straight line here. This puts the wrist in a very weak position. It can't rotate particularly well from this position. It also actually sets the golf club in the wrong place as well, so a great checkpoint here is at the shaft of the golf club should point at about my belt loops. So if I had my hands too low and squat it down it's below my belt, too high, too much up with the wrist. It's high above my belt, point it straight to my belt loops and now know that my hands and arms are hanging in the right place.

If you stood it might drills on setting up to the golf ball correctly. You'll appreciate that the club should land just an inch or two above the top of the left knee cap. That means I've now got the right space so my hands-on in and my hands-out too far, so I've got the right distance. My hands are hanging down. They're also pointing at the right height and they're in the right position here as well not too far forwards too far back. One of the checkpoint here is once you got your left hand in the right place, the right hand is relatively easy to position the grip, but it shouldn't quite be out straight as the left if you force your right elbow to straight and up they'll bring you left, sorry bring your right shoulder upto position of line.

So often the golfers would see the left arm quite straight. The right arm just cooked in there with a little bit more bend to the right elbow position, but that's a great way of checking your hands and arms are in the right place. Like I said before and often overlooked and very important part of your setup process.