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Hit a nice clean crisp wedge shot is a real feature of a good player’s game. And also good players generally look really nice hitting those clean crisp wedge shots. And it's a really simple technique that they're using. So if I'm at a good wedge setup position ball central, relatively narrow stance, leaning slightly into that front side. The left arm is not going to be the crucial element to this swing. My left arm is going to stay very strong, very straight and quite tight to my chest. So I turn back and the lead arm stays quite tucked into the chest and dead straight. I pull down the left arm stays dead straight, it extends through impact, extends out to the target.

My left arm now points to the target then it breaks slightly to a slightly curtailed and cutoff finish. And for a lot of shot or pit shots that left arm won't even break even then in the follow through it will stay dead straight. So this left arm becomes like the lever, the lever of the golf swing and the very consistent element in the golf swing. And it keeps the hands and the arms very connected to the body. So from here as I turn back I maintain pretty much the same setup position I had and I've turned that left arm back nice and tight to the body, turn through point it down the target line and stay super consistent.

It guarantees a clean strike, if the setup’s good the left arm is good your strike will be a lot better, your control and judgment of your distance will be a lot better as well. So here we go for a nice setup, leaning into that front side and a strong left back, through and hold that nice finish position with that left arm dead straight looking as the ball lands nicely next to the target. Now if you want to make a longer swing that will come back a little bit fuller, through a little bit fuller and it might start breaking and bending in the follow through. But if you can control that left arm, those clean crisp wedge shots will land nice and close to the flag.