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If you have noticed that you are still pushing the golf ball even though you have actually gone ahead and checked that your alignment is straight down the target line, that you feel the ball is still setting up too far right of that target line and then staying to the right-hand side, remember a push shot doesn’t have any curvature to it. We might start to investigate the fact that the path could be too much from the inside line.

So if I lay one cane down here as my target line and I lay another cane down here which is going to simulate my path, also the path the club would attack the golf ball from, the path could be too much from the inside line, effectively too much of a drop under here, the path is then hitting out to the right-hand side and the club face is square to that path that would produce the ball that sets off right of target and doesn’t curve much, it just goes straight down the right-hand side.

If that is the problem that you are currently having, there are two fixes that you could have depending on the type of flight you want to see. If your path is inside the line and you are normally a drawer of the golf ball you would suggest that the club face is normally squarer to the target so its more left than the path, but currently you might have started to hold the club face open and produce a block shot or a push shot that just stays right, so if you want to get back to drawing the ball, it would be squaring the club face up effectively having the face more left than the path.

The other problem that you might have is you could genuinely just be too far from the inside, so we would want this path line to be a little bit straighter, and that would be a case of not getting the golf club trapped and stuck behind you buy feel like you are swinging a little bit wider and out and then down the path line of it straighter, so effectively feeling like you are trying to come over the top rather than getting the club drop from the inside. A block shot is often described as a good player’s bad shot because of these issues, because a good player is trying to hit the drill but doesn’t release the club face and doesn’t square the club face up and have it too far open, or the good player gets the club into this position here but then doesn’t release the hands at the right time and we won't get the ball drawing back in.

If you get the club too stuck, you got similar issues, the club is too flat, too stuck, we don't want to get the ball, we don't want to get the club too much here, so don't try and drill the golf ball too much, try and swing the club out a little bit more, down the target line little bit more and don't try and drill the ball too far otherwise you could result in leaving yourself with a bad to the right push.