Video Series

Video Transcript

So there's one quick fix that you could make in any part of your game to improve your golf skills as fast as possible. Often the mistakes that you make on the putting green are going to yield the biggest benefits and the quickest and most efficient time. So, changing the way you make your putting stroke might be the fastest way to improve your golf skills and particularly if you have one consistent fault.

Now generally, when I quiz golfers about their mistakes with their putting, they'll often refer back to one particular miss. I'm not saying they missed all of that putts in the same side of the hole, but they might miss a majority. Let's say they missed 70% to the right. And particularly, when they get into a straight putting scenario, putt like this, not much break on this one at all, everything is lined up nicely, and then they make that putt and they missed it to the right-hand side of the hole, and they set up again straight putt trying to improve their stroke and again, they missed it to the right-hand side. That would be class to someone who's pushing that putts to the right to the hole. And if you're a golfer that's guilty of pushing your putts to the right, this next little series of videos is hopefully going to identify how those faults are manifesting themselves in your stroke, and how you can practice your way to improving your pushed putts.