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Now if you are noticing your iron fly, so just scooting up into the air a little bit but too high and stalling because they are not really penetrating the air enough, we could question whether you are adding loft to the club face and scooping the ball through the striking area. So I’ve taken my 7 iron here, I have got a nice ball position, I have got my hands in a good place to start with, as I make my back swing, we do want your body weight to move slightly away from the golf ball, slightly into your rear leg, but I notice if I stay back on my rear leg and lean back, I am really going to struggle to get into a good impact position if am standing behind the ball and I am generally going to promote a position where my hands are back, the club face is forward and I promote the upwards lifting scooping angle which is adding loft to the club face, opening the face somewhat as well and then hitting up on the golf ball, that could result in a pull strike but if I am getting a good strike, I am generally going to see the ball fly too high into the air because my body weight position was too far back and that's not a good place to be with your mid to short irons.

So as I set up the golf ball, I have got my 7 iron ball position just left to center, I want to get my hands just left of the ball as well. So I lean the shaft angle forward a few degrees, turning into my rear leg in the back swing, but I am generating quite a lateral movement into the golf ball moving quite well to my left leg, feeling like my chest is in front of the ball, that allows my hands to come back in front of the ball as well and I can feel like I am hitting down on the ball, almost like a punch shot, you are punching down on the golf ball. That will significantly reduce the loft on the club face, significantly reduce the height of the golf shot and hopefully provide a more penetrating flight that gets less disruption by the wind, be it the cross wind or be it the headwind, so its moving back in the back swing but making sure you don't stay back, you get forwards in your down swing, punch the golf ball, a more penetrating flight for longer and straighter iron shots.