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Video Transcript

If you are still noticing golf ball is starting right and staying right for the right-handed golfer we call that a push shot. It can be caused by the fact that a club is coming too much from the inside line and the face is stable staying open or square to that path from this way and just blocking it on the right hand side. We want to make sure that the club face can close very slightly for that path to draw the ball back in and that can be caused by the fact that the left side is too weak and too much collapse here in the left leg, and left knee and hip it slides. It doesn’t give the hands anything solid to turn around, so the face stays open, the path comes from the inside and we just got to push down the right side. I will be much more inclined to work on straightening this left side up, snapping this left knee back, so you feel a much stronger impact position with your left side, a lot of people talk about hitting up against the firm left side or hitting up against the wall there. That then allows the hands something really firm and concrete that they can release and turn over helping the club face to square up more, to shut down slightly to the path to produce a nice drawer shot rather than the weak push to the right.

So if you feel it through the impact area, your left knee is stayed here you will generally see a ball that flies weak on to the right hand side because your club face wasn’t in the right position. I will be more inclined to see the turn back, the leftward shift the cross, then the straightening and snapping of the left side to allow the hands something really firm to rotate around. So if it hit a ball here and you notice my left knee I will do something different this time, the left knee straightens back snapping and we see a ball that comes out with a lot more drill, so the balls has finished about 30 yards apart, the first one was a block pushed on the right side, the second one was a snapped left knee releasing the hands producing a nice high drawer shot, so focus on a firm left side if you are still guilty of pushing the golf ball.